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It can be intimidating to find yourself in the midst of the legal system. You can feel alone and may be unsure who you can trust. Whether you are involved in a divorce proceeding or other family law setting, facing criminal charges, or need assistance in other litigation matters, you can count on us to work with you. Our experience, knowledge of the law and overall competence, can assist you.

You don’t have to feel alone or intimidated. We are committed to our clients and will strive to protect your interests.

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  • Family Law

    Under the best circumstances, going through a divorce is a difficult time. Under the worst of circumstances, it may be the most difficult life experience you will ever have. As your attorneys, it is our obligation to guide you through that process and keep as much of your life intact and operating as smoothly as possible.

    If you have minor children, it is our philosophy that you must place the needs of those children superior to your needs and those of your spouse. That is not to say that you do not have needs that also require attention, but rather that your children have nothing to do with the differences that have arisen between you and your spouse and they should not have to suffer for a situation over which they have no control. Our experience tells us that if our client shares that philosophy, then we will have a good attorney/client relationship.

    The division of property and debts must take into account the individual circumstances of your case. Fair often times means equal division, but a fair division of property and debts does not always mean equal.

    Our goals for every divorce client are: Protecting your children from harm by placing their needs first. This means that we work hard to achieve parenting time plans and decision-making plans that are in your children’s interests; and resolving all financial issues fairly; this includes child support, maintenance (sometimes called alimony), division of property and debts, and allocation of attorneys’ fees.

  • Criminal Matters

    We believe our system of justice requires strong and effective representation of those charged with violations of the law. Leaving the system unchecked compromises the rights of the innocent and guilty alike. Our job is to protect your rights, those guaranteed to you by our federal and state constitutions, and additionally, rights granted to you by statute. We will help you navigate through the criminal justice system, whether you need to prepare for and take your case to trial or would like to negotiate a reasonable plea bargain.

    Felony, misdemeanor, traffic offenses, including DUI, domestic violence, assault/battery, harassment, sex assault, drug offenses, theft, and child abuse are within the expertise of our firm.

  • Juvenile Matters

    The juvenile justice system is set up to serve our children’s interests, their welfare and the interests of society, to preserve and strengthen family ties whenever possible, including improvement of the home, to remove a child from the custody of his parents only when his welfare and safety or the protection of the public would otherwise be endangered and, in either instance, for the courts to proceed with all possible speed to a legal determination that will serve the best interests of the child, and to secure for any child removed from the custody of his parents the necessary care, guidance, and discipline to assist him in becoming a responsible and productive member of society.

    While we agree with these ideals, our experience has shown us that the juvenile justice system often fails to protect these rights for our children. To that end, we believe that an attorney’s role in advocating for your children is crucial. We take great pride in working with young people and have done so effectively in a variety of contexts. Defending juvenile charges, detention hearings, school expulsion hearings, and similar matters are within our expertise.

  • Other Legal Matters

    We handle cases involving many different legal issues for our clients, including probate administration and litigation, simple wills, real estate, landlord-tenant disputes, commercial and residential leases, business, contract drafting, and employment agreements.

    It is our desire to assist you with your legal needs. However, if your case is outside of our expertise, we will refer you to other counsel.

Our Attorneys

Stephen C. Cook

I learned relatively early on in my life that I gained an incredible amount of personal satisfaction from helping people. Whether it has been to exonerate the wrongly accused, or gain custody of a child for a grandparent hoping for better opportunities for their grandchildren, assisting someone struggling with substance or alcohol abuse, or reaching a settlement to enable a family to move forward through a dissolution of marriage proceeding, helping my clients remains my number one goal.

Shortly after moving to Colorado in 1996, I was fortunate enough to meet my law partner, Curtis Smith, who gave me the initial opportunity to open my practice. I have thoroughly enjoyed practicing law in an environment that fosters integrity and compassion as cornerstones of law. Opening the firm in 2005 fulfills a dream of mine that continues my commitment to my clients and the practice of law.

I have been in too many courtrooms, on too many occasions, where I have witnessed the judicial system running roughshod over individual rights, too concerned with expediency to care about or protect the individual standing before it. I have seen prosecutors misstate the facts in order to try to secure “victories”, courtrooms deny due process, and litigants abused by their own attorneys. I strive in every case to ensure that these injustices do not occur to my clients.

I am married and have a family; they mean everything to me. I enjoy being with them more than anything in the world. I try to imagine that what I do for a living helps them find a better place, where justice really is carried out in the courtrooms, and where they can be proud of our system of justice.


  • Valparaiso University, School of Law, JD 1996
  • Indiana University, BS, Major-Marketing, 1993


  • Private practice emphasis in Litigation including Criminal Defense, Family Law, General Civil Litigation
  • Admitted to practice in the State of Colorado and United States District Court, District of Colorado.


  • First Judicial District Bar Association
  • Colorado Bar Association
  • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
  • Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition


  • Legal Clinic Volunteer: Women in Crisis Center, Family Tree, Inc.
  • 1st JD Bar Association, Continuing Legal Education Committee Member
  • Metro Volunteer Lawyers, Family Law Court Program
  • Council member with First Judicial District Adult Diversion Program
  • Volunteer in Mentoring Group with Shiloh House, Inc.
  • Volunteer for TLC Meals on Wheels (Former Executive Board Member)
Curtis V. Smith

I grew up on a farm in northeast South Dakota with my older brother and two sisters, one older and one younger. After graduation from high school in 1966, I attended South Dakota State University, graduating with a BA in Sociology in 1970. My wife and I were married one week later.

Later in 1970 I took a position with the family feeding programs of the US Department of Agriculture and we moved to Chicago. In 1976 I accepted a transfer to Denver. In 1980 I entered the University of Denver School of Law (night division) and continued to work full time. I held a variety of positions during my years with the federal government, including Director of Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity and Director of Personnel.

I graduated from law school in 1984, and in 1985 I "hung out my shingle" and began the practice of law. I have always officed in the same location. My practice has always emphasized family law and criminal defense law. People going through divorce, or in trouble with the law, are experiencing extraordinarily difficult times in their lives and I enjoy helping them make it through those times.

My wife and I have a son in his 30's and 1 grandson who are our pride and joy, and by far the biggest "growth opportunity" of our lives. I am a member of the Colorado Bar Association and the First Judicial District Bar Association (Jefferson & Gilpin Counties). I serve as a Director on the Boards of Shiloh Home (providing group homes for boys), Mackintosh Academy, and the Mental Health Center of Denver. My wife and I also mentor children; over the years we have mentored 30 or more children.

If you choose to retain our firm, I promise you that we will do everything in our power to represent you effectively.


    South Dakota State University, BA Sociology, 1970 University of Denver, College of Law, JD 1984


  • Food & Nutrition Service, USDA 1970-1984
  • Program Specialist
  • Training Officer
  • Director of Equal Employment Opportunity & Civil Rights
  • Director of Personnel
  • Private practice of law, 1984 - present
  • Emphasis in family law, criminal defense


  • Colorado Bar Association
  • First Judicial District Bar Association


  • Board of Directors of the Mental Health Center of Denver
  • Board of Directors of Shiloh Home, Inc.
  • Board of Trustees of Mackintosh Academy


  • Board of Directors of First Judicial Bar Association
  • Board of Directors of the Credit Union of the Rockies
  • Board of Directors of the Brain Care Foundation
  • Mentor with Save Our Youth


  • Spending time with my wife, son, and grandson; hiking; reading; mentoring youth; children’s issues; movies
Leigh Auerbach

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. My parents are both retired; my father was an attorney and my mother a school social worker. As such, helping others has always been important to me.

After high school I went to the University of Georgia and obtained Bachelor of Arts degrees in Journalism and Political Science. I worked several years as a photojournalist and photographer in Atlanta but I had always thought that I might become a lawyer. In 2013 I obtained a Juris Doctor from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. During law school I clerked for a Denver District Court judge and following law school until starting with Smith & Cook, LLC, I clerked for a Jefferson County District Court judge. Both clerkships offered me the opportunity to view these cases from the court perspective which in turn helps me present each of my cases today.

Practicing law is a constant learning process with many challenges. I find the law to never be boring. My goal in representing our clients is to produce the best possible result for my client knowing that it is generally a painful life experience that has brought that client to our firm. I take great satisfaction in knowing that I have had a part in helping my clients through the legal process.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and my dog. I also enjoy playing ultimate Frisbee, traveling, and spending time outdoors.


  • University of Denver, School of Law, JD 2013
  • University of Georgia, BA, Majors- Journalism and Political Science, 2006


  • Judicial clerkships
  • Private practice emphasis in Litigation including Criminal Defense, Family Law, General Civil Litigation
  • Admitted to practice in the State of Colorado

Professional Memberships:

  • First Judicial District Bar Association
  • Colorado Bar Association
  • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar

Volunteer Activities

  • Legal Clinic Volunteer: Women in Crisis Center, Family Tree, Inc.
  • Metro Volunteer Lawyers, Family Law Court Program
  • Volunteer in Mentoring Group with Shiloh House, Inc.

My path to the practice of law has been unconventional. At Michigan State University I studied Media Arts and Technology. During my studies I worked in television as a cameraman for a Public, Educational, and Governmental Access Channel. For a few years after college I freelanced as a film grip, a photographer’s assistant, and in my spare time I produced independent films. After some time I began feeling unfulfilled. I decided to dedicate my life to something that I could find more rewarding.

I moved from Detroit to Denver a month before orientation at the Sturm College of Law at The University of Denver. I cannot imagine moving again. Colorado has more to offer in terms of character and natural beauty than anything I have experienced. I feel gracious to be serving a community of which I am proud to be a member.

Throughout law school I focused on trial work. In court, I excel at arguing to a judge or jury, and more than that, I enjoy doing so. As a student I earned experience in criminal law as an intern for the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office. While pursuing my Juris Doctor at the University of Denver, I participated on the National Trial Team, and wrote for the Sports and Entertainment Law Journal.

While my interests are focused on trial work, my passions lie with people. The legal system is complex and navigating its waters can be treacherous. For many who are facing a life-altering proceeding such as a criminal charge or a divorce, walking into court alone can be overwhelming. That is why we are here. Nothing brings me more joy than being of service, and it is what I intend to do for the duration of my life.

Above all else, I value integrity and trust. I believe these are values necessary to succeed in any endeavor and I hope this sentiment shines through to each individual I encounter.


  • University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Juris Doctor, 2014
  • Michigan State University, Bachelor of Arts with a major in Media Arts and Technology, 2009


  • Intern, 1st Judicial District Attorney’s Office, 2013
  • Intern, Honorable Robert Tobias, 2012

Professional Memberships:

  • Colorado Bar Association
  • First Judicial Bar Association

Volunteer Work:

  • Shiloh House
  • Denver Rescue Mission
  • Metro Volunteer Lawyers
  • The Family Tree- Women in Crisis Clinic

I grew up in Colorado Springs with parents who divorced when I was three years old. Although the majority of their opinions differed from one another’s, they both instilled in me a belief that it is a societal duty to offer aid and support to a person experiencing hardship. It was because of this core conviction that I decided to major in sociology at the University of Colorado at Boulder and pursue a career dedicated to assisting people in times of crisis. This passion was furthered developed in my time at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. After my first year, I interned with the Douglas County Office of the Public Defender where I worked on a high-profile death penalty case. I spent my second and third years of law school participating in the Criminal Defense Clinic where I worked as a student attorney on municipal criminal cases in various jurisdictions around the Denver metro area.

After graduating from law school, I worked at the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center, lobbying at the Capital for reforms to Colorado’s juvenile justice system. I also worked with other non-profits in the Denver area to educate the community on the serious issues juveniles face in Colorado. After leaving CJDC, I worked in private practice guiding people predominantly through the criminal and domestic relations court process.

I strive to be an impassioned advocate in my legal work. I understand that people have emotional struggle and pain attached to their legal issue, and am always trying to lessen that burden. It takes courage to be involved in any legal proceeding, and I respect every client for their willingness to take action on their case.


  • University of Denver Sturm College of Law, JD 2013
  • University of Colorado at Boulder, BA Sociology 2008


  • Independent contractor with the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center
  • Private practice focusing on litigation in Criminal Defense, Juvenile Defense, Domestic Relations Law, and regulations concerning implementation of Amendment 64.

Volunteer Work

  • Expungement and deregistration pro bono clinics
  • The Center LGBT resource bank

Professional Membership

  • Colorado Bar Association
  • Denver Bar Association
  • National Lawyers Guild

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